dimarts, 4 d’octubre de 2016

Python Workshop

Today, October 4th 2016, I gave a Workshop on Python Programming. The materials are available online for free. To find more details, visit my Teaching section!

dimarts, 12 de juliol de 2016

Moving (again) and SIAM

Hello everyone! I am starting a new position at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland OH. I will not have an official email until next Monday. I will keep you posted with new updates. From 07/12/16 to 07/15/16 you can find me in the SIAM conference on Life Sciences in Boston. Do not miss my talk!

dilluns, 4 de gener de 2016

New Submission!

After the Winter Break it is time for a little update. The paper A year in Madrid as described through the analysis of geotagged Twitter data, by Travis R. Meyer, Daniel Balagué, Miguel Camacho-Collados, Hao Li, Katie Khuu, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, was submitted on December 24th 2015.

diumenge, 2 d’agost de 2015

Spoiler Alert!!!

Dear Followers,

Here is something that is about to come out. For more details, we will have a draft quite soon. Be patient ;)

Detonation Wave in a channel

Diffraction of a detonation wave

dilluns, 27 de juliol de 2015


I moved to UCLA! My old email address is no longer working, but you can reach me at

dbalague [at] math [dot] ucla [dot] edu